Sample Request Form

Form# pH-5-7-005 Rev 5 Effective 06/01/17


  • All fields must be complete for each batch you request for sampling. pH Labs cannot sample from batches not included or misrepresented on the Sample Request Form.
  • The maximum batch size for usable marijuana is 15 lbs, as per OAR 333-007-0350, weight removed for sampling will not be replaced. Batches must be uniform.
  • Only pH Labs Sampling Employees with an ORELAP accredited scope item for Field Sampling under OAR 333-007-0370 may take samples.
  • If you are combining samples from different batches of usable marijuana with the same strain in the same harvest lot for purposes of potency testing, please specify which batches will be combined in the comment section of this form.
  • A harvest lot is defined by OAR 333-007-0310, as ” a specifically identified quantity of usable marijuana that is cultivated utilizing the same growing practices, harvested within a 72-hour period at the same location and cured under uniform conditions.”
  • Recreational licensees are required to test a minimum one third of the harvest lot for pesticides, as per OAR 333-007-2000. Note: if the batch fails the pesticide analysis all batches must be analyzed individually.
  •  Medical registrant’s must test every batch in a harvest lot for pesticides as described in OAR 333-007-0320.
  • If a processor requests analysis for concentrates, extracts &/or products  please specify the type &/or consistency below.
  • Cannabinoid products must be separated into process lots of not larger than 35,000 unit batches as per OAR 333-007-0350.
  • During a control study of concentrates, extracts, &/or products, each increment in the batch must be tested separately for compliance per OAR 333-007-0440.