State Accreditation

OLCC License

ORELAP Accreditation


Why Use an Accredited Laboratory?

Oregon Cannabis regulations require all products being consumed by the public have adequate accurate testing to assure it is safe for consumption in the area of pesticides, potency, moisture content and water activity. An accredited laboratory assures you the customer that the lab has a quality management system and technical abilities to accomplished the required testing.


pH Labs looking for a Chemist to join our team!!

pH Labs is a growing Cannabis Laboratory, building a team to meet today and tomorrows Customer Needs. Our Motto is our Customers are #1 & our Mission is to always provide accurate & timely testing. If you are a qualified Chemist & looking to work in an Accredited Cannabis Lab, “Contact Us” on the link above for a future with pH Labs!!!

January 10th, 2017|